I love the movies; don’t we all?

I am a book person. I figured that out a long time ago. There are times when I would give up almost anything in the world to read a book, and like most people, I love happy endings. I love fairy tales, Cinderella stories and ish. I have however realized that i find movies almost as equally comforting.

I love that actors do not die, I love that lovers end up together or eventually find someone better. I love that people get justice. But no matter how many people get happy endings in movies, I hate to admit that it is not real.

In real life, people die, loving someone does not necessarily mean they will feel the same way about you or that you will end up together. In real life, there are no guarantees, nothing is ever so simple and nobody knows where they’ll end up.

Real life teaches us to take leaps of faith, enjoy the now, and try to be better people everyday and that’s the whole point of living.


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