What I Learned from Pushing Myself

By the time I got back from work last Friday, I was exhausted. Work, traffic and all, in short it was like the weight of the whole world was on my shoulders. I didn’t only feel it, I looked it.

Fast forward to about 15minutes after i got home, I realized there was a million things that I needed to do if I would make it to my friend’s introduction ceremony the next day. So, ignoring how tired I was, I got to work. I washed clothes, cleaned the  house, rearranged my wardrobe, did the dishes and some other things.

I was tired. But I had a goal which was this; not only did I need to be somewhere extremely important the next day, I needed those things to be done before leaving my house the next day.

I had three options:

  • Go to bed and wake up very early the next morning which was not going to happen(the waking up early part anyway).
  • Do it immediately and wake up late the next day(the first part didn’t sound so good either).
  • Leave it undone(this would have been the best considering I was feeling justifiably lazy).

I chose to go with the 2nd option, not because I wanted to or had enough energy to, but because I had a goal.

Most times we get too tired to take the next step. We feel like we’ll fall over if we don’t stop and get some rest. On Friday, I realized that when this happens all we need to go on is to never lose sight of why we started in the first place. This is the first thing I learned from  myself this year.

Pushing myself beyond what I thought was my limit helped me understand how important having a goal actually is.

By the way, the introduction ceremony was interesting…I got to see my friend again after about 3 years and it was totally worth the effort.


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